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Intercourse, Shakespeare and Football

Intercourse, Shakespeare and Football

Necessary roughness

People, it is soccer period in the usa. So when there’s a chance to evaluate some information about something typically and inherently 100% US, it is done by us. While consuming hot wings.

Through a careful and anonymous study of a few million OkCupid records, we discovered 20,000 users whom stated on the pages that they’re a fan of a NFL group. Here’s exactly what we discovered.

America’s team that is favorite

To start with, the 20,000 pages aren’t evenly split between every one of the NFL franchises*. Generally, the groups in bigger towns and cities tended to score better in this appeal competition, with all the notable exclusion of this Pack. That caused us to complete a daaaaaable check of our numbers; right right here’s the breakdown that is exact

Dallas — the very best choose — is just a little surprising since OkCupid has the essential users in ny. Interestingly, Dallas fits the hometown of some other online dating company. Texas Forever, I Guess. At the end associated with list, we see some compelling proof that Florida probably does not require three NFL groups. And aside from big game victories, some united groups nevertheless fly among fans (we’re nodding at you, Philly).

*Due to your sample that is low of users clearly saying allegience to your Rams, Titans, Jaguars, and Buccaneers, we’ve excluded those groups from our analysis.

Art thou ready for many soccer?

If you’re brand brand new to OkCupid, a very important factor you are doing is answer fun questions to boost your match percentages. a very early concern we ask is:

when you look at the relative line“Wherefore art thou Romeo?,” what does “wherefore” suggest? ? Why? Where? How? Who cares / wtf?

The percentages of fans that answered this question correctly in what promises to be the first-ever data analysis involving football fans and Shakespearian language, hither art

So… Buffalo Bills fans are more inclined to be Bill Shakespeare fans. Whom knew? Additionally, apart from the Panthers and Cardinals, the teams in colder areas of the united states have significantly more fans that are literary. Day maybe it’s all that chatter about comparing thee to a summer’s.

At the end regarding the heap, we come across Dallas and San Francisco struggling to know the lingo (with north park, Houston and Oakland maybe perhaps not far ahead), which can be specially interesting considering those two states have actually the school systems that are largest. Hey, uneasy — er, uneducated — lies your head that wears a top.

C’mon ref, have you been blind?

Let’s take a good look at the reactions to some other concern:

With any sport, there’s a specific variety of fan who’s simply a monster that is obnoxious. No penalty against his / her group is ever legitimate, with no penalty in favor is simply too egregious. That dropped ball had been interference that is clearly pass. The ref is ‘drunk.’ You receive the theory.

Here you will find the fans likeliest to get Rules Lawyer for you:

Offered brand brand New Yorkers’ reputation to be in-your-face, you’d giants that are think would turn out on top. Another guess that is reasonable the most notable arguers will have been Patriots fans as a result of this 1 small, unpublicized event referred to as Deflategate. Nope and nope, i suppose. The Vikings are really a big surprise; whatever occurred to Minnesota-nice? We thought their arguments would get such as this:

Drug abuse policy

Regardless of the gradual decriminalization, the league features a strict no-marijuana policy for players. Exactly what concerning the fans? Whether or otherwise not you smoke pot is just a pretty popular match question that is okCupid. Here’s exactly exactly exactly how the data piles up:

What’s your relationship with cannabis? ? we smoke regularly.? I smoke cigarettes sometimes.? We smoked in past times, but not any longer.? Never Ever.

Generally speaking, we come across more liberal cannabis attitudes within the Northeast and western Coast, in place of the Midwest and Southern groups. Simply Just just Take heart, Raiders fans. The last couple of years have already been particularly unkind to you personally. But hey, you will be beating the 49ers in a minumum of one activity that is recreational. We expected a significantly better showing from Colorado post-legalization, however the Broncos arrived close to the center. On the other end, we come across the Cincinnati Bengals dead last but somehow the Cleveland Browns (4 hours away) are very on top of the list.

how do i find a ukrainian bride First and goal

All right, sufficient about drugs. Let’s speak about sex. Here’s a fairly important concern:

Whilst the web site all together has just a little over 50% of the users answering “yes”, the general price of first-date hanky panky from our soccer fan test is very a bit reduced at 43per cent. Actually, though? They’re fine leaving their date with a polite peck on the cheek on Saturday night. But on any provided Sunday, they’re ballistically cheering with regards to their team. Maybe they’re just…pent-up?

Here you will find the details:

Turns out that Dolphin fans, like real dolphins, are pretty frisky (though just as much as the site-wide average). Also true for their symbolic mascot, the Cardinals are happy waiting (ok, it’s a bird and never a priest, but close enough).

View here for the chart that is full.

Instant replay

Time for you to get Coach Taylor it home on you and bring. What’s the course right here, group? Will it be that you need to avoid politics that are discussing times with Vikings fans? Or that when you’re interested in a 420-friendly buddy, attend a Bay Area party that is tailgate? Hey, regardless of who you’re wanting to get with, remember: discomfort heals, chicks dig scars, and glory lasts forever.

Published by Lee Wang. Illustration and design by Shane Zucker.

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