Car gun safe

If you carry a gun in your car, whether for safety or for the sport, you have to be safe somewhere to keep it. You can’t just let a firearm lie around on the dash; it’s not safe for you or for the passengers, and in many states it’s against the law. A weapon is a dangerous element, if not in use, but it is also one that you might feel the need to wear, so invest in the best car gun safe for your vehicle is not a choice, it is a must!

Also, an exposed weapon in a car is a target for thieves. A stolen gun is a problem not just for you, but for everyone, so you have to make sure your gun is safe and secure when in the car. If you’d rather carry your gun on your person, there will be some places where you can’t carry a firearm, so you have to let them in the car, be locked away and safe.

What you need is an autopistole safe. There are many, and they offer an excellent and very safe way to keep your gun safe at any time. They are not expensive, and can be attached to places that are safe and secure-we’ll talk about it a little more later.

So, you want a gun that’s safe for the car; let’s have a look at some more reasons why you need one.

Don’t do that!

Why You Need An Autopistole

Safety and security are the main reasons why you need a pistol for your car or another vehicle. As we have already mentioned, you can not let certain buildings-think schools, banks and those-with a gun on your person. So, you need somewhere to leave it, if you’re not in the car. A rifle safe is the ideal place, and it makes a lot of sense in states where there are laws against suspended firearms.

You also have to do everything you can to prevent your gun from being stolen. A stolen gun is a danger to everyone, especially if they fall into the hands of someone who has bad intentions, and you can end up in very serious trouble if your weapon is used illegally by someone else, or as the firearm used in a crime.

Then there are the children to think about it; a gun that lies above it will always be interesting for curious child. For this reason, they should not be left unattended under any circumstances. A child could easily hurt-or worse-even or others that pick up an unprotected weapon, so your firearms should be locked away when the children are around.

It’s against the law to hide a gun in the glove compartment or under the seat; do that, and if the police find your weapon, you will be in a lot of trouble. Many state laws insist that guns are in a subject in which they are not immediately accessible by the owner-in other words, a gun safe.

Simply, you need a gun safely in your vehicle, so there is no chance that someone who is not authorized will hold you holding your weapon and possibly fire it, whether intentionally or otherwise, and to comply with the laws that are related to the transportation of weapons in vehicles.

Essentials if you choose your weapon safely

So what are you looking for if you choose a pistol for your car safely? There are many different models on the market, and everyone has their own attributes, but there are certain things you need to look for if you’re a vehicle gun safe.

This is our selection of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing the best car pistol:

Size-The size of the pistol enclosure you need is directly influenced by the type of weapon you have. Of course, a smaller side arm will not be as big as a bigger one, of course. You also need to make sure that you have space in your vehicle-in a suitable place-for your gun case.
Strength and structure-There are some gin safes, the budgetprice; are aware that they are likely to be budgetated as well. Poor cannon safes are not worth buying. You’ll be relatively easy to break-especially for someone who has serious intentions and designs on your gun-and won’t attack for a very long time.
You’re protecting a dangerous weapon here, so you have to buy the best you can afford. That means thick steel construction-look for 16track width as a minimum and sophisticated design to prevent breaking up.
Spend the most you can really afford is the mantra, to follow here.

Locks-any viable autopistole sure has to have safe and secure locks, and there are some that offer complex anti-break in designs that are in fact very clever. However, it is not always the case that complexity is the answer. The type of locks you need depends very much on what you’re wearing a gun in your car. When it comes to safety, then you need quick access; if a safe and safe pistol is safe for transport, then that’s the best option. Look at the different types and you will see that there are many who can be suitable.

Take a look at this video from our 2 pick .. the GunBunker GS-1!

Where should it be made?

The last piece of the puzzle is where you should make your car safe, and how it is to be mounted. The latter is the crucial point, because there are two methods to secure a weapon safely in a vehicle.
Let’s have a look at them:

Cable assembly-This type of pistol is secured by a strong cable, one that is stress-tested for strength and is as safe as it can be. This method means you have more choice where your rifle can safely go-and it can be made more easily accessible by relocations-though there are many people who say it’s not the safest method to secure a gun safely.
Bolted-You can buy car shooting safes that are secured by screwing on the fabric of the vehicle. In many ways, this is the safer option, as it reduces the likelihood that it will be locked away from its mounts. However, it is also limited where you can put your gun case, and needs more space.

So, now that we know why you need a gun safely, look at five of the best on the market right now.

Our Top 5 Best Car Gun Safe Picks!

Of the many autopistolene safes that are currently available on the market, the following are the one we selected as our top 5 recommendations. Take a look at the others, make sure they are on your shortlist:

1: GunVault MV500 Pistole Safe

Our first choice is this model of GunVault, and it sets the standard, which should provide a pistol safe for vehicle use. For a start, it’s a plain free design, so it won’t stand out too much-you don’t want to advertise your weapons after all-and it’s a reasonable size at around 11 with a 2inch depth. It is neatly designed to fit into even smaller vehicles, and will be unobtrusive.

It also has a number of interesting features: it has a combination code, which can only be changed via a special selection of functions-including a key to unlock the battery power-and has a possible 12millionen-access code.
It is foam for the inner protection of the objects inside, including the weapon and any other personal items you might want to store there.

This weight only weighs 4lbs and is made of very strong and hard to penetrate 20Gauge steel, and it’s a cable-backed model so you can place it where you want. The cable is stress-tested and can also be fitted with screws if required. Overall, a very good car weapon safe and at under 90 not bad value at all.


20 Gauge Chassis
High security


A Tad Small
Complex lock system

2: Gunbunker GS-1

This model is in fact very compact designed-it has motorcyclists in mind as well as cars and other vehicles-and as such is one of the best car pistols safely on the market. The compact 6.5 however, that it is suitable only for small pistols. In fact, it was designed around one of the smaller Glock models, so if your gun is more than
“, this is not the weapon for you!

Still, if you’re looking for a very compact model that will house a small pistol, there is a lot that recommend this. It fits in any room in a car or bike, and it has a simple but effective double key locking system. There is no combination, so access to the weapons can be relatively simple.
-take this as a plus or a minus in dependence on your point of view.

The inside of this is also for an additional protection of firearms or other valuable items within, and it is supplied with a cable tie system. We have doubts that this is the strongest cable system, but the overall package meets the TSA requirements. Made from 16Gauge steel, this can be mounted in a variety of different ways, and at about 130 it could be considered to be a bit expensive compared to some.


Well Designed
Easily Accessible
Perfekt For Small Guns


A Tad Small
Only 16 Gauge Chassis

3: SnapSafe Combination Lockbox

This model is one of the bigger on our list, so it will only fit over any handgun. It is a dual combination and key lock model, for which additional security and protection, and also comes with some impressive login information, which add to its security rating. This has a padding inside, so that your gun or other valuables clean and safe, and offers scratch protection too.

At 10″x 7 “x 2” this is a big pistol sure, and as it is made from 16track permanent, it meets the requirements of many standards for the safety of firearms.
The lock system is through the standard combination dial-not the safest, but one of the simplest to operate-and it also comes with pry-resistant features.

This is wired; the cable is guaranteed to be tested at 1500lb for additional security and protection and is one of the strongest there is. However, there is no way to screw up this model without damaging the box itself. It is, however, a popular model with good customer ratings, but we have reservations about its use for handguns at the very simple lock. It can be deins for a pretty amazing 20 or less, which also raises suspicion.


Large Gun Safe
Well Designed
Good Quality Cominbation Lock
Strong Cable Tie


Better options available
16 Gauge Chassis

4: SentrySafe Pistole Safe Biometry

This model is perhaps what most people are looking for in a safe and effective car pistol. It is made to a high standard, is a quality model and comes with some very impressive properties. At the beginning, it has a very smart biometric access system. This is in many ways the safest type you will find, since it means that only the designated user can get into the case. In case of problems, there is also a back-up button.

It is designed for a single pistol and while neat and compact fit just over every handgun with ease. It comes with very strong solid steel construction and locking points. It features a soft lining for additional protection and opens with a gas strut for additional security and ease of use, and it also has a time-resistant door for even more security.

We like the fact that it is suitable with bolts or cable ties, and it is suitable for use in any car with its compact size. Is there anything we don’t like about this one? Not really the way it ticks all boxes, and how to buy it for around 110 it’s not bad value at all.


Biometrical access
High security


Relatively Teuer

5: SnapSafe Keyed Alike Lockbox

This package of two lockers sits at the budget end of the market. It’s a key version of the other SnapSafe model on our list, and is more designed to store valuables than weapons. In fact, we would only be reluctant to recommend this as a weapon safely.

At 10″x 7 “x 2” this is a big pistol sure, and as it is made from 16track permanent, it meets the requirements of many standards for the safety of firearms.
The lock system is with the standard key-not the safest, but one of the simplest to operate-and it also comes with pry-resistant features.

This is wired; the cable is guaranteed to be tested at 1500lb for additional security and protection and is one of the strongest there is. However, there is no way to screw up this model without damaging the box itself. It is, however, a popular model with good customer ratings, but we have reservations about its use for handguns at the very simple lock. This package of two is available for around 40, so it’s very good value, but maybe not for guns.


Pack Of Two
Combination lock
Strong Cable Tie
Well Priced


16 Gauge Chassis
Better options available

That’s our list of five and, as you can see, there are differences in security and the type of weapon safely available. Let’s have a brief summary, and see if we can recommend one that’s best for you.

Our last thoughts

Choose a weapon safe for your vehicle is about safety and security in the main thing, so you have to be careful about the one you choose. We have about the many things that matter, which are important — the strength of the housing, the way it’s secured, and the size — and we believe that if you read through our reviews and check the manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll find a car gun that’s right for you.

So, which of the above is the best? There are two like among the five we think are worthy; the first is the number one on the list, because it has a 20s steel body and a very impressive closing system-and is very sensitive to price-while the other is the fourth, with the biometric locking system. That makes the work in every area as far as we can see, so very much is one for the shortlist.

We can’t recommend any of the two cheaper models as pistol safes, as they simply don’t provide the required security, so check the better, make sure you have a reasonable budget, and make sure your guns are safe when you’re traveling in your vehicle.