“I’ve recently joined Whittard from a much bigger business, and I can honestly say what a breath of fresh air it is to join a business that is genuinely collaborative and innovative, and that really puts their people first! It makes the world of difference when you are working alongside like-minded, passionate people who all have the same goal. It’s the people that make our business best in class, while (dare I say it) having a bit of fun in the process.”

Rich Mason-Fowler, Learning & Development Manager

“Whittard is great at giving me opportunities to develop as an individual – it’s often hard to find these opportunities in a busy and reactive digital role. There’s lots of feedback encouraged here across all working levels, and the company clearly cares for its employees.” 

Sheila Tovey, E-Commerce Executive

“Whittard has been such a great family to join! I have enjoyed my role since the first day I started, from a great on-boarding to a great induction and I can’t wait to make an impact. I am excited to see the organisation grow both in the UK & Globally. The culture of the business is friendly, supportive and people are the heart of the business. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I am excited to develop my career with Whittard of Chelsea.”

– Priya Brar, Talent Acquisition Business Partner

“Every step of my employment with Whittard, has given me a new sense of how a company should treat their people, brand and customers. It’s been a breath of fresh air in the way we are enabled and encouraged to interact with members of the team from sales assistant to CEO and as One Team. The family environment isn’t a cliché here, its a reality and I am genuinely privilege to be part of it. The brand is strong, the product infallible and the people are outstanding.

Nearly four years after joining, I manage a very successful store, develop an amazing team, health and safety ambassador with an IOSH certificate and an extremely happy member of the workforce. I live by the company values in professional and personal life, and will continue to do so through the ongoing success of Whittard.

At Whittard, we don’t have employees, we have friends and family!

– Reuben Smy (Store Manager, Norwich)

“Whittard embodies and works to maintain its values. For a company with such global standing, to respect and appreciate every single store manager, and even store team member is rare and this is what makes being a Whittard Store Manager so wonderful. Everyone is considerate towards one another, which empowers store managers to do the same for every member of staff and customer. We enjoy what we do. I have loved every minute of working for Whittard; everyday there is the possibility of learning something new and a chance meet/chat with staff and customers that share the same passion for the best quality tea/coffee/hot chocolate”

– Annelise Bennette, Store Manager Brighton

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