Our Values

We have six company values to ensure that all our employees are working together towards the same goals. Our core values support our company vision and shapes its culture. This will empower to build great teams and deliver world class customer service. We work hard to facilitate a working environment that is both invigorating and ambitious, a workplace where all voices are heard and valued and everyone is offered the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.

We are Open and Honest

We are friendly and committed to a culture of openness. We tell it like it is, treating everyone we encounter, whether a colleague or a customer, with respect, fairness and honesty.

We Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility gives us a real sense of fulfilment. Whether big or small, we give each task everything we’ve got. Sure, we’re bound to encounter some problems along the way but we know how to transform our mistakes into learning opportunities, each step driving us in the right direction.

We are Friendly Fanatics

We pride ourselves on our expertise, but that doesn’t stop us from being down to earth, approachable and generous with our knowledge; ‘friendly fanatics’, you could say. We really care about what we do, fuelling the positive energy felt at every level of the business – from the tea fields to the shop floor.

We Enjoy What We Do

Of course we work hard, but our business is about having fun in a dynamic, stimulating and sociable environment – after all, our products are all about taking the time to enjoy life. Customers are invited to share our culture of enjoyment, to savour the adventure.

We Dare To Be Different

To be the best, and to give our customers the best, it’s about daring to be different. We have a heritage of over 130 years, but we’re still thirsty for knowledge. We’re on a journey of discovery, each one of us expanding the possibilities of our role – our customers are inspired by that very same spirit of exploration.

We Work Together

Effective teamwork doesn’t just help our business succeed – it makes our work more rewarding too. As a team we delight in sharing our experiences, our skills, successes and discoveries. What’s more, we’re committed to supporting the global Whittard community as well as the individuals whose livelihood depends on the products we sell.